Making Life Work

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now. I have come back into the world of the stay at home mom after the birth of my second daughter. She is now 6 months old and I have gotten a lot of comments over the last few months about how I am able to do it all. I cannot say that I’ve got it all together all of the time. But I have certainly found more time to care about getting the house work under control and finding inspiration to not serve some slop hastily thrown together after work. It seems natural to keep a log of how I make life work now. Fitness and the realms of domestic life will be what I will find keeping my life together these days.

I am by no means naturally a lover of organizing, cleaning, and cooking. I don’t know if there are many people that just love cleaning up after the family endlessly. Organizing is something that I can only keep up with for a couple days at a time. I was the kid that would pay my sister to clean my room. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly do that as an adult. Well I could, but I can’t see the point of paying a maid when I just am lazy.  I’ll really have to focus on that this year as our family is moving internationally in a few months.

Having the time on my hands to find fun new and healthy recipes has been wonderful. Trying new things and finding healthy alternatives to some not so healthy staples has impacted my household. We all have more energy and are actively trying to get into more active lifestyles. I love being able to fuel my family with what they need to be successful. I have the biggest sweet tooth and had fallen into the habit of eating way more candy bars than anyone needs in a day. My favorite new recipes have been desserts. Now that I have better choices I can walk right by the Recees’s without longing puppy dog eyes.


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