Falling in Love with Fitness

This year I have really focused on becoming a healthier version of myself. I started in December and really went with it. In December I had a gym membership to Anytime Fitness. I had the membership for over a year at that point. I had not used it regularly over the course of my time with them. Finding a time that worked for me was difficult. Going to the gym was the last thing I wanted to do by the time I would get a decent chunk of time in my day to actually go. By the end of December, it was causing me so much stress I was feeling sick to my stomach. The guilt of not using my membership was tearing up my head. When I actually went to the gym, it would take me so long getting ready to get out the door that I would be disheartened before I even got there. Walking in the door at the gym I felt a little overwhelmed with no real plan to my workouts. More times than not, I would forget something at home that I would need for the gym. Who would want to workout without their headphones, or the required towel? Gym fail. I realized that I had held the membership for so long that I really needed to just cancel my membership. I was getting nothing out of it. January rolled around and I went in and ended my contract. I walked out of the gym office that day feeling better than I had after any workout I did in the year and a half prior. Once the membership officially ended (because I had to give 30 days notice) I received the most condescending email from Anytime Fitness. After receiving that email it really cemented to me that my fitness home was not in the gym. At least not one like Anytime’s. Not to mention, with the weight of a gym membership off my shoulders,  I was able to really get into fitness on my own at home.


My husband bought me a FitBit right around the time I canceled my gym membership. For me, the FitBit is my constant fitness friend. Wearing mine got me off my butt. I stopped mindlessly snacking. I did not want the money spent on the product to be as wasted as the membership fees we had just finished. The tracking app that goes with the FitBit helped me see what I was doing far before I could notice any of my efforts physically. I started walking my daughter to school instead of driving her the mile distance. By the end of January, my sister-in-law convinced me to try out PiYo. PiYo is a program offered by Team Beachbody LLC that combines pilates and yoga into one program. I had always wanted to try yoga, and I had zero desire to get myself to a class. After ending my membership to a gym I was bumbling around doing circuit workouts I thought of myself and doing time on the stationary bike or YouTube dance videos. I was hesitant at first, then finally decided that for less than a month’s membership I could get a program that I can do at home. I started PiYo and LOVED it. Because it was an actual fitness program that does not just ‘target’ areas I noticed almost immediately that my progress became faster. I know that if I would have continued going the way that I started I would have never have achieved what I have without a structured program. 
For me, working out at the house after my girls go to bed just works best. At least for now. I’m thankful that I found something I enjoyed. If I had not found a good program for me, I am most certain that I would never have been able to fall in love with exercise. I love the feeling of a good workout. I may not feel like doing the workout itself; I live for the post workout high. I am ready to find something new. I have been doing PiYo for 6 months now. I am in the best shape of my life. I want to push myself some more. Being in love with fitness is what does it fo me. It did not come easy. I had to work at it. I formed my habits. Now I’m looking for more challenges. Kickboxing, here I come!



  1. As an introvert, I’ve found that I do much better exercising at home than trying to find the motivation to exercise in public. I have three girls, ages 16, 14 and 6. This past year, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I workout regularly. I tried and quit so many times through the years but now that my youngest is older, it’s much easier to exercise even when they are up and about in the house when I’m doing it. Good for you for finding something that works.

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      1. Absolutely. Kudos to you for even exercising at all with an infant in the house. It sure isn’t easy! Yep, it took me years to get to the point where I could do it during the day.

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  2. It’s all about finding something that you love, rather than something that you hate. I HATE cardio, so I do circuit training instead. In order to succeed, you can’t dislike what you’re doing. Great read!

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