Eating Well

They say abs are made in the kitchen. I don’t know. I’ve still not found mine. However, I do have to admit I feel a million times better, I look healthier, have more energy, and my skin is clearer when I’m eating right. A year ago I thought these claims by people were just halfhearted statements to feel better about missing out on the unhealthy food they did not eat. I’m a believer in it now seeing first hand.


Up until very recently, I thought eating healthy was eating salads. Everyone loves a good salad, I know I do. Though I hate hate hate all the work that goes into making salads at home. Give me a Ruby Tuesdays or a good supermarket salad bar and I’ll tear it up making the rainbowiest (that’s a word right?) salad you’ve ever seen. I currently live in Central Australia and salad bars are not a thing here. Also, most produce has to be transported from other parts of the country to get here. Sadly, by the time the fruit and veggies get hto town they are near the end of their shelf life. Then I have to put in all the tedious work of cutting everything I want in it. Another problem I have with salads is that I can get bored with them so easily.


Pinterest became my favorite tool finding recipes that were not boring, yet let me develop healthy eating habits. With a few tweaks for personal preferences I have found some great lunch options that make my stay at home mom lunches feel more like I’m splurging on a cafe lunches. Burrito bowls and chicken salad  have quickly come into some of my favorite lunch time meals. Being excited about the food I’m making makes it so much easier to maintain healthy choices. With a prep day once or twice a week I have easy lunches to throw together on the fly.


I try to find recipes that can be quick to throw together for the most part. I do not want to spend an hour making lunch everyday. Being a stay at home mom isn’t relaxing on the couch all day everyday. I have a house to run and children to keep up with. I cannot spend a third of my day cooking. Also, I want to get back to working or into college classes once we settle back in the States so I have also been keeping that in mind. The whole goal of healthy habits is to have them no matter what is going on in my life. If I start working and hitting up the drive thru again then all the work I have put in this year has been for nothing. Honestly, I don’t even want most of the food I used to crave.
I still love my chocolate. I will always have a weakness for it. I wish I had some lovely piece of advice for overcoming it. I have had to stop buying it and having it the house. If it’s not there to eat I cannot binge on it. I can say that with all the healthy eating I have been doing I am getting more diligent with only wanting the things I have a real love for. I don’t tend to eat the junk food just because anymore. I am able to say to myself that I would rather one thing over another. I don’t usually settle on my junk food anymore, or if I do settle I find something that is similar to what I would want to begin with. If I want a chocolate bar and don’t have any in the house, I’ll make a chocolate milk. Finding a way to hit the craving without hitting the calories is what I try for. A piece of fruit or spoon of peanut butter can usually satisfy if my sweet tooth is acting up.  I don’t raid through the kids holiday candy anymore. Well, unless there are Reese’s. A girl has her limits after all.


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