The Couch is Lava

In my new quest of having a wonderfully tidy house I have found a new mantra. Don’t sit down. I know, I know, that sounds exhausting and would conflict with actually enjoying life. However, sitting down after completing a job is way more satisfying than just taking a break for the hell of it.

Cleaning up the kitchen at the end of the night often went forgotten because after dinner I would just want to veg out on the couch with the intention of doing the tidying ‘just a little bit later’. Next thing I knew, I would be about to go to bed and faced with a decision. Do the dishes, put away dinner, wipe down counters and go to bed nearly an hour later orrrrrr say ‘fuck it’, throw dinner in the fridge or toss it, and go to bed? More than I’d like to admit it would end up being the later. The age old saying ‘if you clean while you go it isn’t so hard to do at the end’ always made me cringe. It sounded like doing double the work to me. I did not want to have to do double the work. I’m definitely lazy when it comes to doing the cleaning. Waiting for a pot to boil is prime time to check Facebook or a couple games on my phone. Basically anything was better than putting some dishes in the dishwasher. By the time dinner is done my daily energy stores would be pretty much depleted.

One day I actually tidied up and did dishes as I cooked dinner. Straight after dinner I put the rest in the dishwasher. I was amazed with how much time I saved. Just for laughs I tried it again the next evening. It wasn’t a fluke! I was done and able to relax much sooner. Also, with the weight of the chore off my shoulders enjoying the evening with my family was more fulfilling.
I find the moment I put up my feet to relax all the forward momentum I  had for getting the cleaning done derails. If I treat the couch like it’s lava (You know the opposite of when I was a kid and the floor was lava) I tend to get the house wrangled. Another big surprise that I found is that if I spend just a little bit of time everyday doing basic maintaining work around the house the time I have to spend on my big cleaning days is vastly improved. It used to take me hours to get the public areas of my house clean. That would always mean my bedroom and bathroom would typically go long periods of time without so much as a dusting rag crossing the threshold of the room. Since my efforts started I’m able to get to all areas of my home in less time that it used to take me to just get the basics done.

I know almost all my tips are either common sense to those that have a natural affinity with keeping things tidy, or relentless drivel spewed from well meaning family and friends to those of us that don’t actually live in a house that looks it came from a magazine cover. I’m just saying that is does work even if it does sound like it’s complete bull.


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