Klutzy’s Resolutions

Here we are, a whole week into this New Year and I am only just now getting to the reflection on how I would like to have my year go. My resolutions, if you will.

That whole “New Years Resolution” thing has such a dreadful feeling behind it. Every year you hear the cliche statements. “THIS is the year that I finally…. insert a half-hearted statement here.” The whole ‘resolution’ title I feel puts too much importance to whatever it is thus making the resolution fail before it is ever begun. Resolving to do something is all well and good and all, but it certainly doesn’t have to wait around for a Monday, or the first of the month, or January 1.


Anyways, that was a bit of a tirade I wasn’t exactly planning on. I guess that is what I get for writing during the post-workout high.



  1. Write 2500+ Words a Week. I plan on writing 500 words (preferably more than that) a day a few times a week. I have many stories that I have wanted to write over the course of my life. I love writing. For a long time I fell out of the habit of writing. I’ve been working on getting back to it. So my goal is to write a few times a week. Whether for my blog or on an original work of fiction. I just want to write.
  2. Work Out More. Last year I was in the best shape of my life. I felt great. I was in the best health of my life. I have something called Charcot-Marie Tooth disease and I know that as I get older the disease will take so much from me (That will be a post for another day). I want to be able to be active and independent as long as possible. No time like the present to keep the walker away.
  3. Enjoy Life More. I have been battling depression for over a year now. It has affected a lot of even mundane aspects of my life. But that is the thing about depression. It isn’t just being sad. It is so so much more. I have come leaps in bounds in the last six months, but I would love to get back more of my normal self.
  4. Bullet Journal Life. This last one is my ‘fun’ and ‘just because I fucking can’ resolution. I found bullet journalling on Pinterest, and well, it looks cool. The best part is you just need a blank notebook and a pen to get started. If you look around you can get intimidated by all the fancy pens, awesome handwriting, and time people put into their own bujo (seriously, though, bujo is a horrid shortening of bullet journalling. Who ever started it should really reevaluate their life choices!). It’s been great having it (all of the last week you know). I keep track a lot more things that way. Super handy dandy.

I hope that 2017 is a great year. I know there will be it’s ups and downs. But here’s to their being more ups than downs!!!



  1. No.3 is a hard one, one I struggle with too and also want to work on in 2017. It’s good to hear you’ve seen some steps forward in the last 6 months; it is so difficult with depression to enjoy even the smallest of things sometimes, to feel like your ‘normal’ self.. Thanks for sharing, some good goals here! x


    1. Thanks! I hope you find something that helps your own battle with depression. Some days it all seems impossible to ever find yourself again. I’m glad little bits of myself are coming back. If you ever need to talk to someone just know I’m here. 🙂


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