I love music that tells a story. My husband makes fun of the fact that I love country music, but I am in love with the stories that are told in the lyrics. For some people music is about the guitar, or the beat they can dance to. Those are all important for drawing listeners in, but if there isn’t a message that I cannot relate to or if it is nonsense I can’t take it.


For years my musical tastes have stayed in the classic rock and country genres. It is no secret to anyone that knows me that Miranda Lambert is my favorite artist. From her very first song to her latest album I have been in love with her. Husband is pretty sure that I would leave him for her. I just might, haha. Her music has always spoke to me no matter what she is singing about.


Recently, I have started listening to old school rap. NWA and such. This is a realm all new to me. I have never listened or given rap much notice before. Growing up, it was basically understood that I was not allowed to listen to it. I have always enjoyed staying with the comfortable ground with music anyways. I have never really listened to what is current. My iPod has songs that are at least 3 years old on it (with the exception of my Queen, Miranda). My sister, last time we were in the car together even complained about not having anything newer to listen to.  


Getting back to the rap genre, I am finding that I appreciate the stories that are being told in rap music. Very real stories that need to be heard. Struggles that are a hard truth to swallow. I may not like every song that I am discovering, but I appreciate the realness of the music. The stories that are so vastly different than my own. For that very reason making them important to hear.  
I love the fact that my husband has introduced to me to different music that I have not considered in the past. From the moment I found out that I was pregnant with Bear I have wanted to make sure that she knows that we will not limit her musical interests like I feel my own musical knowledge was limited to while growing up. I want her to know that she can explore the world her way. From music to television. She is funny. Her favorite artists are Miranda Lambert and Rob Zombie. I don’t know how much more diverse her tastes can be, but I’m looking forward to seeing what she will enjoy in a few years from now.


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  1. Music is super important to me. I don’t need words to be told a story though. Often the music is story enough in of itself. Quentin Harris ‘Let’s Be Young’ for example has no lyrics and is very repetitive but bleeds pure and raw emotion. It genuinely does take me back to my younger adult years when i was free to do pretty much anything. The music really pulls on my heartstrings. That said, I do like lyrics. Fleetwood Mac are lyrical geniuses. As far as old school rap, you need to listen to Ice T’s album Original Gangster. It’s a masterpiece! Ice T is hands down my favourite rapper of all time.


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