Of Superheroes and Princesses

The moment I found out that I was having a girl six years ago started this firestorm of well meaning people asking about my little princess. I would cringe every single time someone would refer to my unborn as such. For many I would laugh uncomfortably. For those I know well I would chide them. I am as UNprincess as you can get. There was no way in hell MY daughter would be a princess.


Well here we are, and I have a six year old girl. Girly girl. She loves pink, princesses, and is very much a damsel in distress. I don’t know where I went wrong. I kid, I kid.


To be fair it was pointed out to me by my sister, that I may not have been shoving princesses in her face I was doing just that with superheroes. WHAT?!? I was taken aback by that the when Sis first pointed that out to me, “How is what you’re doing with superheroes any different than what most do with princesses?” Well butter my biscuits, and call me Sally. She was right. I WAS shoving superheroes down her throat. (Note: Advice from Non-Parents)


My girl is more into being saved than the one doing the saving. You know what? THAT IS OKAY!


Well, I really don’t like that she is the damsel in distress. With that being said, I have accepted that is her personality trait. I do encourage her to save herself, from time to time. It is a real life skill that she has to learn. It is easy to be the run of the mill DID (Damsel in Distress) Did you catch my Hercules reference? But when she is grown up she will have to figure out situations all on her own. Because she IS alone, or because those she is with will be unable or unwilling to help.


This brings me to a time in my life where I became the rescuer. Husband and I were on our delayed honeymoon in Jamaica. We had been married for three years and had finally gotten around to the honeymoon trip. It was 5 days in paradise. We did all that we could to squeeze in on the island in the amount of time we had there. We drank rum like it was water. Honestly I think rum and coffee were the only two liquids to pass our lips the whole time. We jet-skied for the first time. I jumped off a 30 ft cliff at Rick’s Cafe that has since been dubbed the Atomic Booty Drop (see featured image). We did a mini cruise that was coined as a romantic sunset cruise, but turned out to be a booze cruise. Jam-packed fun for us.


Well the booze cruise was on our last day of the trip. A very intoxicated Klutzy wanted to look at the pictures that Husband got while we were on the boat so I was looking at the pictures on the camera while we were in the taxi on the way back to our hotel. It was dark in the taxi and the camera was black so I didn’t see the camera laying on the seat when I got out of the cab and off our camera went without us. Luckily we made the discovery almost immediately upon coming into our room. Boom. Vacation ruined.


Husband tried making a few calls and suggested that I just go down to eat dinner while he tried to figure out what to do. I left intent on letting him handle it…. But then as I stepped out of the elevator I decided to go talk to the concierge desk to see what I could manage. WELLLL it turns our that basically everyone knows everyone on the island. One of the guys at the desk knew the taxi driver and called him directly to check to see if he could see our camera in the back. Long story short: Yes the camera was there. No he wasn’t driving back to the hotel. As we had a plane to catch the next morning…. That was a problem. Well another guy at the desk hopped in his car and drove off to pick up our camera for us. Boom. Vacation saved.


I came back into the hotel room with the camera and Husband was sulking on the bed having gotten nowhere with all his phone calls. To say the least he was surprised.
The point here I’m trying to make is my daughter will have to find a way one day to save the day. Maybe to fix a mess she created. Maybe to pick up someone she loves from their own peril. Saving yourself is a valuable quality to have.



  1. Oh LOL she really is a DID (I did totally get that reference – I LOVE Hercules)… yet when you told me the story of her playing house/husband and wife with the little boy and him apologizing only to have her brushing him off and saying it was “too late.” or something like that… Well… That assured me she would be just fine 😉

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  2. Isn’t it funny how kids just are who they are? My daughter was also pink-obsessed. Everything had to be pink including socks and underwear. And she loved Barbies. Ugh. But she grew up and continued to be who she is – a superhero mom. Thanks for the delightful post. 🙂

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  3. I haven’t tried in any way to mould my son one way or another because he’s already so charismatic and confident in himself that there’s just no point. He’s fascinated by everything and is always asking “whassat?” He turns 2 in just over a week. That said, I will do all I can to ensure he supports neither of Manchester United or Manchester City. It’s just too damned obvious to be from the Greater Manchester region and support either of those two football clubs. He’ll be a hero in his own little way though 🙂


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