My First DIY: LEGO Table

Well I have finally done something that I’ve wanted to do since I bought my house back in October. I did a DIY furniture project. I’ve been on Pinterest drooling over some beautiful pieces for years and knew when I had my own house I would want to DIY all the things.

The project that I chose to do was a LEGO table for Bear. She loves LEGOs and needs a place to play with them and store them. Having a six year old and a toddler can be quite challenging because of course the little one wants to do what the older one is doing. Unfortunately LEGOs look like tasty treats to the tiny one. So having a safe space for Bear to play and keep the little pieces away from her sister was imperative.

We recently acquired a new entertainment center so I chose to repurpose the old one. It was our first entertainment center. It was one of those basic Walmart press board numbers. Something that worked back when Husband I first got together, but now we needed something more substantial.

(Required before photo)

I asked Husband what he thought the best way to go about painting the piece and he said that I needed to prime it first. I was definitely bummed that I couldn’t just slap on a coat of paint and be done with it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before on the blog that I’m totally lazy. I am. So I browsed through trusty ol’ Pinterest for a few DIY blogs to get an idea of what I should do if I wanted to do it right. So I begrudgingly went out and bought a can of primer.

I sanded the piece taking off the doors and taking out the drawer.

(I had a pallet laying about so decided to put it to use as my work space)

Husband was eager to help out with the priming. So we went to work one evening. We knocked out the priming quickly, BUT I will say that here I learned that priming is very important. (Also, Husband’s painting experience was on metal and not furniture so when he said it’d be fine…… It wasn’t) Even coating of the primer is essential. If primer isn’t even there will be spots you’ll see no matter how many layers of paint you put on over it. So do yourself a favor if you’re priming something and prime evenly!

(As you can see here… it isn’t the most even)

I let Bear choose the color she wanted. Her favorite color right now is red so I brought her a few different paint cards and had her pick out what she liked best. The color she chose was called “Bang!”. I got the color swatch from Walmart so I went there expecting that they would be able to help me out. Thirty minutes, a confused employee, and an overflowed can of paint later, the employee suggested I go to ACE Hardware (I’m not even kidding). So that’s what I did, internally vowing to go there first next time.

Four. Four coats of paints later I decided that the LEGO table was suitably painted. I was happy with how the color turned out.

(See, those primer lines are there still. This is about two coats of paint.)

(This is after four coats. Less noticeable, but you can still totally see the uneven primer.)

Next, I reattached the doors and replaced the drawer back onto the table. Last up was gluing down the LEGO base plates. I went with two sand colored plates and two green plates. I trick I found with every LEGO table DIY is to make sure you have made it so the plates aren’t flush next to one another or they won’t work fluidly for building. I made sure that I had them connected then marked where I wanted the plates to go.

(I used industrial strength glue and books and a marble cutting board to press the plates down while the glue cured)

Finally I was done! I’m fairly proud of how my first DIY project turned out. Though I have definitely learned some lessons.



  1. I keep thinking I want to do a project like this or a train table or something – keep the legos and cars/trains off the floor… But i too am lazy… by the time I ever get around to it, the kids will be too old to want them lol… also, Looks good!

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  2. It looks great! Red is one of the toughest colors to apply — it seems like it should be so saturated but honestly I’ve never painted anything red that didn’t require three coats, at least. Sometimes you can make the previous coat a little less visible by sanding in between each coat. But I think it really looks good!

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