Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

Don’t eat yellow snow.


Have you ever had a profound piece of advice given to you? Did it make you scoff? Or perhaps, leave you floored at the genius of it?


Honestly, I love hearing advice, as long as it isn’t directed at me when I’m really struggling with something. I’m fairly sure, in this, I am like everyone else. Some times when I’m up to my ears in a mess the last thing I want to be given the metaphorical mop and broom to take care of my problem.


Why the hell is it so blastedly hard to see the forest through the trees?


I don’t remember where I was even headed with this. Maybe it is my pathetic attempt to heed the typical writer’s advice: “WRITE!!!!”






Maybe that is true. I started my blog because I wanted to have a reason to write more often. I was doing well for a while. Then life happened. I skipped a day. A day turned into a month. A month turned into a whole summer. I guess that is a real thing. It is so easy to brush off writing when you have very real things happening in life going on. The keyboard time seems like a betrayal to the household chores. But my house looks just as cluttered and sticky as it was before the summer started while I had time set aside to write. I guess it is time to get back into the rhythm of it again.


I’ll be rusty of course due to this hiccup. But I do so love the sound of my fingers flying over the keyboard.



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