Planning a Jailbreak

I’m leaving Facebook!


A few months ago I wrote about being offended and touched a bit on the unwillingness of others to listen to what the other side has to say about any given subject. I guess that post in some way disturbed the balance that I had formed to my Facebook feed. Since that post I found that I’m becoming more fed up with what goes on in that twisted blue F world. I am so tired of looking at everyone’s petty gripes about what others do. I am tired of seeing polarized political posts in any direction. I’m tired of the “I bet only 3% of my friends will…” posts. I’m tired of the memes (okay, maybe not the memes). I’m so fucking tired of it all.


I miss seeing the personal qualities that were part of Facebook many years ago. I am NOT an overly social person. That being said, I treasure the socializing I do participate in very much. Scrolling idly past 20 posts and not seeing anything personal in my friends’ lives is not what I want. I am realizing I am being distracted into nothing. I’m scrolling hoping to see a part of a friend’s life when I could actually reach out to them and make a real connection again.


Yesterday I posted a status saying I was leaving Facebook. I was not surprised that I got some shocked private messages from those that noticed. Honestly, I look at the move as a jailbreak. Facebook has shackled us all. We endlessly scroll looking at our friend’s lives. I feel like I’m living vicariously through those that aren’t near me. I have some form of penis envy to those that appear to have their lives together, or who are making valiant strides in that regard. I am watching kids grow up while I may be missing out on how my own kids are growing. I have watched many long standing friendships disintegrate for some real or imagined slight. I have seen vicious personal attacks that have no business being on social media in the first place. I don’t want these things for my life.


Just ignore the stupidity. A statement I’ve given to friends when they complain about whatever the most current sensationalized outrage the country is going through flaming across all media outlets. It is a statement given to me on why I want to leave Facebook. But why should I have to scroll past something that once gave me pleasure? There is no longer a fulfilling social aspect to Facebook for me. It is more like a ball and chain. An obligation. A little devil on my shoulder. It keeps telling me that I can’t go anywhere. I will be back.


I don’t want to go back.


Recently, I stumbled upon an article in TIME about why Aziz Asari deleted the internet from his phone. I definitely scoffed at the very notion.  I have basically been addicted to the internet since we got our first computer and internet connection in the 90s. But I can cut the Facebook cord. Hell, even now, writing this post I have checked Facebook 3 times. I have been known in the past to close my laptop and immediately pull up Facebook on my phone. That is a problem.


Basically, my move to leave the social media prison that is Facebook is for ME. My peace of mind. I don’t know how I’ll manage. The thought of giving it up really gives me some anxiety. I really don’t know what I am going to do with my time instead. I am also looking forward to Friday with an awed excitement. What will it be like to be free of it?


  1. Wow you’ve got a lot of Facebook shares already 🤤 but you know this means all your extra free time has to go toward blogging now, right?? I did just realize too that at least I can still keep up on your pictures and stuff through your hubby’ s facebook.. phew… 😉

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