Taking a Mental Wellness Day

I have been looking around valiantly to write something on here.


Unfortunately the only things I seem to come up with these days are judge-y things on other people’s lives. I am really appalled by that. I strive to be as judgement free as I can. What works for me and mine is not what works for other people. Ugh, I am a despicable human. I am by no means perfect.


Instead let me just say that last week I had a super productive day transferring over 5000 words from my original work to Version 2.0. I also spent some time googling some information on what it will take to publish (when I’m ready. Which I am no where near ready to even send out feelers). I have been watching documentaries on the era in which my books will take place and even doing relevant research on key elements of the plot.


I need to find some more motivation to get that going again this week. Today is that day. Never mind that I have piles of laundry around me that need to be folded and a kitchen in dire need of cleaning and floors badly needing a vacuum and mop. Today I need to lose myself in words rather than chores. It is for my mental wellness. That is what I’ll tell myself anyways.


  1. Screw chores! There is absolutely nothing worse than getting that writer’s itch and not scratching it. This is why I ensure to write daily, though even that isn’t enough a lot of the time. Never beat back your creative spark. I’m sure you’ll soon have a novel good to go. Then you can begin the fun process of editing…

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