Fighting the Urge

I mentioned in my last post about not having anything nice to say so I should like to not say anything at all. I am finding that I am still in that same flight pattern.


Why is it so easy to pass judgments on others? I have always done my best to live and let live. I often give advice to new parents to ignore the advice of most because what works for them does not, may not, will not, any not you wish here, work for the new family. Even before becoming a parent I would live by the same rule because my struggles are not someone else’s and vice versa. I am finding it harder and harder, however, to not give the side eye to certain things.


It isn’t right. It upsets me that I am falling victim to my personal pet peeve of my 32 years of judging people for just being themselves. Maybe the point of my moral compass is in need of calibration. I need a severe attitude adjustment.


I need to take a step back. Take a deep breath and find the positives. I need to start seeing the rainbows and not the clouds. Life is not meant to be spent irritated at everyone else when it has no real bearing on my own path. Time for some re-calibration.

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