Tangled Up Tooth Fairy

On Wednesday Bear lost her second front tooth. Now she is the proud seven year old that took out her own front teeth in the last week and has an adorable lisp to go along with it. She has been calling herself the Toothless Wonder. 

Unfortunately, Wednesday night the Tooth Fairy did not come. What is a Momma to do when her kid is sulking because the fabled legend did not come as expected??? I was at a loss. I just did the usual “Maybe she ran behind or something”. It’s weak. I know. I’m pretty sure that things like this are how the kids realize what is really going on. While I’m brushing her hair readying for the school day I am inspired. I gasp.

“The Tooth Fairy just flew out of your hair,” I exclaim.

“WHAT?!?” Bear is astonished.

“Well, whatddya know, she couldn’t make it through your hair. That is why she didn’t visit last night.”

The rest of getting ready is punctuated by comments and musings on why the Tooth Fairy didn’t just go under her pillow in the first place and how silly that the Fairy was caught in her hair. Crisis adverted…

That is until THIS morning. How in the seven hells could I forget again? I’m totally Mom of the Year.

Well, I remember reading (probably here on WordPress or Pinterest) a comical accounting on how a Mom tried to ninja her way across a toy infested room and accidentally ended up punching her kid in the stomach in the middle of Operation Tooth Fairy.  She ended her story with her husband’s simple and glaringly obvious solution that she should have just went in to ‘check’ on Junior and if he woke up she could have just gave him a kiss or something.

SOOOO This morning it is time to wake my youngest, Roo (the kids have different wake up times). Bear starts wiggling. I notice how a hand reaches slightly under her pillow. OH NO!!!! ITS BEEN FOUND OUT THAT THE DAMNED FAIRY DIDN’T COME!!!! Some choice words fly through my head. I have to be calm and act like I think she’s sound asleep. I set Roo up with her cereal and hunt the house for a dollar. Any dollar will do.

I slip into girls’ room. I lay down in bed next to Bear. It’s not uncommon that I give her an extra cuddle between wake ups. I know that she likes to have the quiet time with me. While I cuddle I sneakily try sliding the dollar under the pillow while pushing the envelope that she put her tooth in out. I want to curse because the envelope is loud. I feel like there is no way that she does not hear me. Her breathing continues soft and steady.

Ten minutes later, when it is time to actually wake up the seven year old she is slow to get up because she thinks the Fairy has not arrived. She is quite thrilled to find a dollar under her pillow. Little does she know that if she were to look between her bed and her wall she’d find the envelope. I couldn’t think of what to do with it but hide it until I could actually move it without being caught.

I’m certainly a Tangled Up Tooth Fairy and should be fired from future duty.


  1. Haha omg. Classic. I remember one time I was disappointed that the fairy hadn’t come… I went downstairs and my mom said something along the lines of she must be running late while my dad apparently slipped upstairs unnoticed by me… when the job was done my mom was like “what’s that sound? Sounds like… a tinkling sound coming from upstairs… do you think…?” So of course I ran upstairs and found my quarters under my pillow lol

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  2. Our tooth fairy has trouble finding our children’s beds which is why each of our children have to leave a map on the table of how to get to their room. It’s a great reminder for the forgetful fairy who is actually a dentist!


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