Of Course it was Blue

I swear if it were to be possible to be fired from being a stay at home mom I would be fired. I muddle through the chores with semi-regular frequency. I don’t know how many times I start something to be sidetracked by a new job that needs my attention. This leads me to the entire load of white and khaki clothes that have been sitting in my dryer for 3 days because I discovered a blue crayon found its stupid way into a pocket and forgotten about. Only to melt all over the clothes. Of course it was the wash that had my daughter’s Girl Scout uniform shorts in it that I rushed to put in 45 minutes before we were to walk out the door.


Honestly I wanted to cry.


I finally got around to cleaning out my dryer this afternoon, because, that’s right, there isn’t a clean towel in the house. I was thinking to myself, “Of course, it had to be blue.” A couple months ago a blue pen was hiding in a pocket and exploded in the dryer.


Now the inside of the beast has a permanent blue hue to it. How fun. Maybe I can say I bought a designer dryer and the blue is how it was manufactured?


Amazingly the ink was harder to clean than the crayon. At least from the belly of the dryer. I’m not so sure that the same will be said for my clothes. Pinterest to the rescue: The clothes are currently soaking in hot water, vinegar, and detergent. If my laundry room somehow overflows with suds I’m going to retire from housewifing. You will find me down the road at the local beach with an umbrella drink in my hand because, clearly, that I all I’m good for.


Please, check all pockets when doing laundry, Klutzy.



  1. Arrrghh! I found two pens in the wash a few weeks ago… I was sooo lucky I found them as I was transferring from wash to dry, because it apparently only leaked on one old sweater and not all my Lularoe I had in there! Like my more expensive dresses even… Close, close call!!

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